EZMAIL services provides email and mailing services for customers worldwide.

Located in the near west suburbs of Chicago, IL, we produce postal mailings up to 1,000,000 pieces, and email blasts of any quantity.


Our physical postal mail capabilities are as follows:

Digitally duplicate (copy) over 130,000 pages per day
Print over 150,000 inkjet addresses per day.
Laser print 120,000 8.5″ x 11″ pages or #10 envelopes per day.
Insert over 70,000 letters per day.

We understand that every mailing is different, please contact us with your exact requirements.


Save Time:

Spend your time doing the things that generate business. Let us do the tedious work of mailing your information. Our high speed processing equipment is efficient and meets all postal regulations.

Save Money:

1. Lower the postage costs 20% to 50% by presorting and making your mail automation compatible.


2. Produce the mailpieces for less than it would cost to do it inhouse. Our automatic machines allows us to print, fold, insert or address a mailing for less than it costs to do it yourself. Additionally, on many mailings, postage savings covers the cost of our services!


Reduce Frustration:

Our customers don’t look forward to the tedious and boring task of mailing. It consumes resources needed to otherwise conduct business. Mailing with EZMAIL services is simple: provide your mailing list and the materials to be mailed. Leave the rest to us!


Dan Waterloo

PS: Please visit our newly updated page on Class Action Print and Mail Services!